The increasingly practical and comfortable sarong, really

Sarong pants are the latest fashion breakthrough which was originally pioneered by Alm. Uje. This sarong model has been very popular along with the popularity of the late. Ustad Uje who used to wear these pants used in daily activities or for lectures in various regions. In this model of sarong pants, the functions of pants and sarongs are combined into one unique and modern package. The difficulty of using a sarong is now no longer a problem because the design is more practical in the display of pants. Interested in using it?
Uniqueness of Sarong Pants
Sarong pants are very unique. Because the model of the pants is designed to resemble the shape of the sarong following the roll. Which makes it look very simple, practical because it is easy to wear and of course very fashionable and modern. At a glance maybe the appearance of these pants is almost the same as the look of a sarong when viewed from the front. But when viewed from behind it looks like the appearance of pants in general. After being introduced a few years ago and not many know, now this holster model pants are back again after being worn again by one of the leading religious teachers in Indonesia.
Along with the increasing demand of the people, now the sarong motifs are increasingly fariative, No longer a plain motive that is monotonous, because there are various motives that you can choose which include plaid like a sarong in general, motifs of motifs, woven motifs, batik, to very artistic abstract motifs. Very comfortable and fashionable if you wear to worship both at home and for other religious events.
In general, sarong pants have been used as everyday Muslim clothing for men, and are increasingly hunted in religious moments, especially during Ramadan and Eid. And now not only the men wear it, but women have modified these pants with a model or pants with motifs tailored for women. To be able to get this pants model, you can look for it in a worship shop or look for it in an online shop. Hopefully it can inspire you ...
Description: Sarong pants are a modification of the holster into a more practical appearance, namely a pants with a very modern and stylish motif

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