Types of Ornamental Plants for Minimalist Gardens

The choice of ornamental plants is indeed one of the things that needs more attention. In addition to paying attention to the size of the land, the choice of ornamental plants must also pay attention to the size and color of the plants in order to produce interesting combinations. There are various types of ornamental plants, from types of palmae, flowers and grasses. Of the various types of ornamental plants, there are several types of plants that are very suitable if you use to beautify your minimalist garden, which among others are as follows:
• Siklok
Siklok or which has the Latin name Agave attenuata is a plant with leaves that are pointed and have a strong base of stem. This siklok plant has a whitish green color with spines on the edges of the leaves. Besides being resistant to heat, this plant can also live on loose or sandy soil.
• Bonsai
Bonsai is one of the miniature ornamental plants. In general, bonsai plants are dominated by frangipani plants with various varieties. Bonsai plants are very suitable for a minimalist garden because in addition to being able to grow in a dry place, bonsai plants are also easy to care for besides their mini-shapes and difficult to develop.
• Mimosa Silver
Mimosa silver or Acacia podalyriifolia is a type of plant similar to a shy princess, where the leaves will react to touch, heat and light. This easy red flowering plant will be very beautiful to decorate your ornamental plants because it can flower throughout the year.
• Dracaena Tricolor
Dracaena ornamental plants have special characteristics with rounded and falling leaves, and more beautiful with color combinations on each leaf consisting of green, red and brown. This plant can grow quite large, so in general, this plant is used as a garden gate plant.
• Onion Brojol
Ornamental plants called Rain Lily is one type of onion. Plants that are similar to onion plants generally have very beautiful flowers such as lilies and can be mixed throughout the year, so it is very beautiful to complement your ornamental plants.
Those are some types of ornamental plants which are very suitable to be applied to modern minimalist garden concepts, besides these types of flowers and ornamental plants you can also decorate your minimalist garden with roses, orchids, irises, jasmine water, sunflowers or beautiful morning glory flowers with heart shape and color combination. To care for the garden itself is very easy and fun. Because you can involve children in gardening activities, besides being able to play, learning of course gardening activities in the home garden will be more enjoyable.
Description: The way to design a minimalist garden is not difficult, just need attention to some things with regular care

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