Rice Diet To Lose Weight Quickly

Rice diet - Rice is the main food for the people of Indonesia, even some people feel they have not eaten if they have not consumed rice. As we know rice is the main source of carbohydrates for the body, but its high calories are considered as the cause of obesity and diabetes, so many people who eliminate rice in their food menu list. This diet without rice has been believed by many people as the most effective way to lose weight, but the growing age, the way this diet is more extreme and has a bad effect on the body.
Can Rice Cause Overweight?
Carbohydrates contained in rice have an important role in the body, besides being a source of energy carbohydrates also help maintain the balance of the body, form the structure of cells to tissues and other organs. Besides carbohydrates also help in the process of absorption of food and can optimize the absorption of calcium and other nutrients. The problem is if the consumption of carbohydrates is too excessive, because carbohydrates that are buried in the body will be converted into fat and will have an impact on obesity. This is what underlies the rice diet to lose weight.
How is the correct diet?
Consumption of rice as a daily diet menu will not actually result in obesity if consumed naturally. But the habits of the Indonesian people who consume rice are far more than the side dishes that make the risk of obesity much higher. To reduce this weight you can do a rice diet in the right way. Based on the results of the study, a low kerbohidrat diet is indeed very effective in losing weight, but if done in the long term it will negatively affect health, especially kidney function.
Seeing the condition of each person is different, it's good if you do a balanced diet to lose weight. You can replace carbohydrate rice with complex carbohydrates such as wheat, oatmeal, brown rice, corn or potatoes. All sources of carbohydrates instead of rice are a source of carbohydrates which are high in fiber, besides processed wheat, oatmeal and brown rice also make you full faster and more durable. In addition, these complex carbohydrate sources are also healthier for blood vessels and heart organs. But if it is still considered less effective then you can try a menu of low-carb rice diet.
For a low-carbohydrate rice diet, you can apply a pattern of breakfast, lunch and dinner without rice and replace it with consumption of fiber from fruits and vegetables and animal and vegetable proteins which are sufficient energy sources. The most important thing is to support sports and consume enough water, hopefully it can be useful ...
Description: The rice diet is a diet method by removing rice in the food menu list and replacing it with enough protein and fiber to reduce weight quickly and effectively.

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