How to Design a Modern Style Minimalist Home Garden Plant

Minimalist house is a simple concept house, but despite having limited land, in general the construction of a minimalist house still leaves a little space on the front yard which can be used as a terrace or a garden of a house. Garden in a minimalist house does have an important role, besides making the appearance of the house more beautiful and fresh, empty space as a garden is also useful to cool the house.
Designing a Minimalist Home Garden Concept
For the selection of concepts and types of plants in a minimalist garden is certainly different from the concept of the park in general. To make this garden concept, you just need to spend a little time building and designing the garden concept you want. And to get satisfying results, there are several things that you need to pay attention to, which include the following:
1. Understand land area.
The design of the garden, is greatly influenced by the size of the land used as a garden space. Therefore before you design a home garden, you must understand the shape and size of the land. This aims to determine the concept and choice of plants. For those of you who have a large enough land, the choice of ornamental plants can be diverse, from small plants to quite thick fruit plants you can choose to produce interesting combinations. Being for narrow land, bonsai plants or small ornamental plants that are not easily developed become one of the right choices.

2. Adjust the concept and color of the house paint
To beautify the garden, also pay attention to the conditions around the land. The choice of house paint also greatly affects the atmosphere of the park. If the garden space you have tends to be narrow, you can use bright paint colors to give a broader and fresher impression, while for those of you who have a large enough area, the choice of dark colors such as gray or natural colors can give a firmer impression in your minimalist garden.

3. Add supporting ornaments
Supporting ornaments such as walkways, natural stones or grass are garden ornaments that are usually used to perfect the appearance of the garden. You can use a straight or curved footpath to reinforce the park. While the selection of grass should select the type of Japanese grass or golf grass because in addition to being prettier, this type of grass also has a softer, more spacing that is easier to be compared, compared to other types of grass that are bigger and harder. For those of you who like to spend time to relax can also include a medium-sized long chair as garden furniture.

4. Choose the appropriate ornamental plants
Finally choose the appropriate ornamental plants, choosing the decorative plants is adjusted to the size of the land. To make the appearance of the garden look beautiful and neat, you should select only a few types of plants, this also aims to make the garden not seem crowded. Besides that, choosing a multi-functional ornamental plant, which is also beautiful to the eye, is also beneficial for health and the environment. For absorption of pollution and maintaining air quality at home you can choose plants formaldehyde, benzea or trichloroethylene.

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